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Good News!

Assalamualaikum! Hey hey hey.
saya ada cerita bagus lah. Tapi sebelum tu, korang jangan jeles tau dengar cerita bagus saya nii :DD 

Nak tau tak ape yang bagus sangat tu??
Okayy... saya bagitauu.. Jeng Jeng Jenggg....

Waaa... I can't express my feeling with words! I just bought it just now. And now.. My dream came true!!
Firstly, I'm very gratefull because Allah "makbulkan" my dhua. Alhamdulillah..
Then , my parents.. they always want the best for me. Thank you, mak and abah.. <3
I very appreacite it :)
Next, my friends. Yupp, they comfort me when i'm cried, at hostel.. because of spectacles which is i didnt get it when my sister bought it for herself.
Lastly, let me ask you. "kau adeeeeee??"  

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